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What is tantric massage?

Tantric massage is still taboo in Serbia. It’s been wrongly interpreted as a sexual act between the tantra therapist and a client. To break this taboo, here is a short introduction into tantric massage:

Tantric massage comes from India and stands for more than just body massage.
It combines the principles of tantra, bioenergy, anatomy and meditation.
Eastern nations have always treated sexual energy with respect. They realized it’s importance for a healthy living, both physical and spiritual. They treated it as equal to science and arts.
Tantra uses massage so that two persons can connect through physical contact.
It adores the body and stands for orgasmic joy.
In tantric massage, the therapist masters energy to create inner channels to lift the person towards higher levels of orgasmic perception.

By combining relax massage with the stimulation of erogenous zones, a tantra masseuse is obliged to present the client with all inclusive treatment, from optimal room temperature to quality essential oils, down to engaged, tender body massage and psychological contact.

The original tantric massage implies understanding of energy channels in human body, through which – according to taoist phylosophers’ teachings – runs the life energy – the Chi.
It also includes knowing the roles and purposes of all the chakras in human body and their interconnections depending on inner and outer influences sublimed with accupressure points on the body.

Real tantric massage
The role of tantric massage

Tantra encourages healing through deep relaxation, stress reducing, breaking of energy, relief of pain and body stiffness, balancing the person’s whole being.
On a psychological level, tantra encourages a person’s creative capabilities and talents.
Flower seeds and petals (male and female), day and night, cold and warm… It’s all in balance. Tantra stands for orgasmic living, exhilirating, with the enthusiasm of the morning, the Sun in the afternoon, the dusk, the night, the stars, the fire… And everything that comes with creation.

The orgasm does not solely involve the sexual aspect. For instance, when listening to your favorite song, your hormones get activated, you get overwhelmed by emotions, you feel happy and sing, becoming one with life, with the positive, you feel the ecstasy and want to create. This is why tantric massage is an invitation into explosive state, an invitation to joy. In short, this type of massage is unique and special, with all of its specifics accounted.

The thing that makes this massage stand out is the fact that it is focused on the clients emotions and emotional wellbeing, moreso than just on the physical aspect of it.
In other words, the accent is not on relaxing the body from everyday stress, relaxing the muscles nor physical wellbeing. Tantra is specific because it awakes the client’s hidden energy and connects them with the whole universe.

Tantra is a pathway, the one that leads to awakening the love potential and connecting to your innate intelligence. Characteristical tantric massage moves are slow, easy and especially sensual, the kind that makes it easier to channel the energy that leads us to a different perception of reality. To get the ideal effect, the client needs to receive a tender, full body massage to relax the skin. Meditation and music are all that’s needed for this massage. Further, the music used needs to be connected with meditation and spiritual conscience. Therefore, tantric massage is a combination of the classical relax massage with the stimulation of erogenous zones. Erogenous zones consist of much more than just genitals, but also numerous other spots on the bodies of men and women. During tantric massage it is essential to start up, energize, open our being’s centers of energy (the chakras) and connect them all into one.

Using tantric massage, we are releasing, encouraging and maintaining the client’s healthy libido and manipulating it, so we could reach the other, usually neglected parts of their personalities, and not just that. Sexual energy may heal us and prolong our life, and if we are capable of reaching the deep state of happiness during sexual experience, we are also capable of complete healing, not just of our lives, but the lives of people around us. By regularly practicing tantric massage treatments you may reach the full regeneration of your body, soul and spirit.