Tantra festivals – what they are and where they are held in 2022

Tantra events in Europe in 2022

Tantra festivals are relatively new events on European ground, but they are slowly getting more and more followers, as well as those who are curious to discover spiritual concepts of tantra. Festival participants can experience different teaching methods of tantra teachers, and to properly master all the exercises in their presence.

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What are tantra festivals dedicated to?

Tantra festivals are dedicated to celebrating and living a successful tantric life. Tantra glorifies the path of pleasure and teaches how to live and enjoy intensely. To live a perfect tantric life means to let the life energy, which is inside the body, move and flow freely, spontaneously, joyfully and without any justification.

Although it seems like a completely unrestrained and rule-free life, it’s not really like that. There are things that you can but also those that you shouldn’t expect at these festivals.

What can you get during tantra festivals

The most common mistake that uninformed make is equating these events with sex, especially in Western countries. We have to say that this is the banalization of tantra, because in Eastern cultures it refers to many aspects of life and state of mind.

So what can you expect at these events?

  • Strong energy – You will feel strong energy at a tantra festival, you will have the feeling that you are completely surrounded by a field of positive energy. That will allow you to recognise yourself and your powers, as well as to stimulate your unexplored and unmanifested possibilities.
  • Numerous tantra teachers – Festivals usually employ multiple tantra teachers, which is very beneficial for participants who get the opportunity to listen to different methods of teaching and approaches to tantra. Also, the larger number of teachers allows for better determining if the exercises are done properly.
  • Yoga and meditation – Trainees who don’t know, will have the opportunity to learn the basics of meditation and yoga, and the more advanced ones will have the opportunity to discover new methods and techniques. The main goal is raising spirituality on a higher level and opportunity to direct your energy and use it in a more powerful way.
  • Music and dance – The dance and music program characterizes the evening periods of the festival. With these concerts, participants relax and get rid of any type of doubts or insecurities. Tantra propagates unification of cosmic energy that allows people to get to know each other, exchange good energy and spend unforgettable moments of relaxation.
  • Many New Experiences – Experiences at different tantra festivals are completely unique and different, and you never know what to expect. The only thing that you know is that every time there will be something new, maybe a sensual massage from a partner or an unknown fellow participant, new energy of love for someone you don’t know, an experience of new level of consciousness and spirituality. The possibilities are endless.
  • The sense of freedom – Tantra festivals offer the opportunity to do everything you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t dared. The only thing you mustn’t do is hurt someone! By following the basic rules, you can release suppressed energy and feel completely freed from any shackles.
  • Spiritual healing – One of the main reasons for attending tantra festivals is the healing power. Practicing meditation, massages, good music and swaying to its rhythm, divine food and conversations with like-minded people can heal the soul.
Various tantric rituals have healing powers
Yoga and meditation at festivals are soul healing rituals

What not to expect from these events

As we mentioned, the tantra festival does not imply that you can do everything, there are rules that have to be followed.
So, what can’t you expect during this event?

  • There are no classic theoretical lectures from tantra teachers – The sessions are mostly practical, so there is no classroom learning and note-taking. You don’t need notebooks and pens. The teachers guide you through the world of tantric skills through practice and check whether you are doing the exercises well.
  • No type of violence is tolerated – Although the amount and intensity of energy is huge, it is directed towards spiritual journeys. Tantra festivals are considered extremely peaceful events where everyone feels completely safe.
  • Photography and filming are prohibited – Events at tantra festivals are considered spiritual, divine, and should only be accessible to participants. Everything that happens must not go outside the circle of people present, and this is possible with the rule that nothing can be recorded or photographed.
  • Drugs and alcohol are not available – There is another misconception that people consume alcohol or opiates during these events. However, the real truth is that this type of happening requires all senses to be clear and available for spiritual journeys. In order to feel all the pleasures, the senses must be intact. Therefore, there is no place for things that alter your perception.

When you look at all the mentioned facts, the question arises, did you know or assume all this, or did you also have some misconceptions about the tantra festival?

Do you know that there are festivals like this nearby, and not just somewhere far away?

Tantra festivals in Serbia and Montenegro

As we mentioned at the beginning, tantra festivals are a newer type of gathering and little is written and known about them. There are two such festivals that took place in Serbia and Montenegro.

Tantra festivals in Serbia

17-18 December 2016 Divine awakening festival / Belgrade, Serbia

It was held in 2016 in Belgrade, at the Dar yoga center, where the days of one December weekend were reserved for a tantra event. It included classical tantra meditations and ceremonies, along with tantric elements and chakra systems. The workshops were individual, partner or group.
The tantra teacher of this festival, Sri Hari, who has many years of tantric experience gained above all in India, said that Serbia and Belgrade are areas with great potential of human energy.

Workshop at the Belgrade tantra festival
Group meditation during a tantra event in Belgrade

Tantra festival in Montenegro

15-20 September 2021 Consciousness and intimacy festival / Ada Bojana, Montenegro

The event called Consciousness and intimacy festival was held at Ada Bojana. More than 40 world tantra experts in the field of partner relations, sexuality and personal development participated, as well as well-known music names from the region and the world.

The tantra event at Ada Bojana was held in 2021
Montenegrin Ada Bojana hosted tantra festivals in 2021

As for these events on European ground, they are more numerous. Let’s see what the list of tantra festivals looks like during 2022.

Tantra festivals in Europe during 2022

The year 2022 is full of tantra festivals starting from the month of May. Let’s take a look at all the events by month:

May 2022

10-15 May Tantra consciousness / Portugal

In Portugal, at the Awakened meditation center, a festival called Tantra consciousness was held. It is open to singles and couples who want to learn how to develop self-confidence and intensify themselves as living beings filled and surrounded by love. Through tantra workshops, in addition to strengthening self-love, love for others is also intensified.

Meditation center in Portugal
In the month of May 2022, the tantra gathering was held in the Portuguese meditation center

Jun 2022

3-8 Jun Portugal tantra experience

Another festival in Portugal’s Awakenland center for yoga and meditation offers a wide selection of workshops during the 6 days of June:

  • Bio danza workshops, or the dance of life, integrates the five basic aspects of human potential – vitality, sensitivity, creativity, sensuality and transcendence, and thus returns the body to a state of unity.
  • Tantra workshops, yoga classes, and active meditation are just some of the workshops.
  • Live concerts with the presence of world DJs.
Portugal is the most frequent host of tantra festivals
Tantra experience can be gained at a festival in Portugal

4-11 Jun So life method – Sacred orgastic life / Portugal

The festival is also located in Portugal, but on a beautiful beach on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, in the town of Arrifa. The whole week is dedicated to enjoying the tantra life, relaxing on the beach, surfing or learning to surf, getting rid of fears, tension, and various pressures on the soul and body.
You can visit the festival alone or as a couple and enjoy a magical week in June.

Release of life energy at the beach tantra festival
Along with surfing and relaxing on the beach, enjoy the tantra festival in Portugal

10-17 Jun Awaken as love stage 1 / Portugal

Portugal abounds with tantra festivals, so the Awakenland center is once again relevant in this period as well. In this period, the festival is open to everyone who wants to awaken love and cross the limit of their previous spiritual abilities. New experiences of tantra and shamanism will take your life to a higher level of existence.

Tantra event called Awaken as love
Awaken as love during the festival at the Wakeland Center in Portugal

24 Jun – 3 July X International Festival of Tantra, Consciousness, Shamanism and Relationship for singles and couples / Poland

In this period, the host of the tantra festival is Poland, Nowe Kawkovo. The International Festival of Tantra, Shamanism and Spirituality is located in the “Here and Now” center and welcomes singles and couples.

It will enable participants to gain new knowledge and advance on several levels:

  • How to feel closeness with a loved one
  • How to find out what is the union of spirit and body
  • How to create a greater connection with a close person and deepen the relationship
  • How to become full of life, love and joy
  • How to learn and experience deep love and intimacy
Alone or in pairs, feel the love of tantra companionship
New and different experiences of tantra and shamanism in Poland

July 2022

1-6 July Tantra festival in the Czeh Republic

In the Czech town of Vysočina, in a beautiful environment, with some of the best tantra teachers from all over Europe, try and feel the power of deep and lasting personal transformation. 15 tantra teachers and 75 hours of practical work with them will bring you a lot of knowledge, skills and valuable experience.

Become a member of a warm open-hearted community with programs of workshops, tantra rituals and evening celebrations.

Awaken your ability to experience, feel and understand yourself and your relationships through tantra dance, shamanism, bioenergy, yoga.


Tantric workshops and new knowledge and skills
Experience the power of personal transformation at the Czech tantra festival

13-17 July The Odessa Amsterdam Tantric Bliss Festival / Holland

In the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, you can experience a new dimension of yourself, lower your defense mechanisms and open yourself up to new and true love and intimacy.

You will be guided through the festival by over 30 facilitators, expert teachers who will advise, encourage, support and enable you to express your feelings. Adult members of all ages, genders, sexual orientations, nationalities and beliefs are welcome at the festival.


Numerous tantra teachers and workshops at the Amsterdam festival
New experiences and new dimensions of love at the festival in the Netherlands

18-24 July Iyengar yoga, ayurveda and traditional tantra / Spain

On the slopes of the mountain in Spain, another tantra festival is held in the “Inn of Silence”. It is primarily focused on understanding and improving health through yoga and traditional Ayurvedic teachings that include the study and classification of different types, elements and therapy of all senses.

Tantra therapy on mountain slopes in Spain
Yoga and Ayurveda the main topics of tantric workshops in Spain

21-24 July Sacred earth festival / Finland

It is held in Finland, which has been hosting such events since 2018. Participants have the feeling that they are a member of one family of Mother Nature, which infuses them with security. Connecting and exploring together takes place in the wild but beautiful nature of Finland. The festival is open to only 50 participants.

Sacred earth and Tantra Festival in Finland
The natural beauty of Finland will provide shelter to a smaller number of tantra festival participants

26-31 July Ängsbacka tantra festival / Sweden

Angsbacka in Sweden is a center for spiritual festivals and events and has been since 1996. The motto of this festival is Life is now, and participants from all over the world come to celebrate life. Various tantric techniques are taught by the most prominent teachers of different branches and traditions, from classical tantra, through shamanic to neo tantra.

All tantra workshops in Sweden are dedicated to celebrating life
Participants of tantra festivals in Sweden celebrate life

26-31 July The secrets of tantric love with Margot Anand / Portugal

Another one of the Awakenland festivals in Portugal. Margot Anand, who leads this event, is the founder of the oldest tantric school in the West, and her lectures are based on several principles: common sense, humor and mysticism. The topics of the workshops will be different – partner relationships, work on your body and your partner’s body, meditation. The most interesting part of this festival is the Celestial Dance performed by Margo and dedicated to the first Celestial Dancer of Tibet from the 8th century.

A meditation center in Portugal will host tantra teacher Margo Anand
The heavenly dance of Margot Anand will be experienced by the participants of this tantra festival in Portugal

August 2022

6-13 August Tantra yacht / Croatia

Cruising the Adriatic Sea and visiting the Croatian islands are an experience in themselves. When you add to that different forms of learning about movements, communication, practicing group exercises, yoga, temple art, it will create an unforgettable event.

A week on a yacht with the goal of connecting, exploring, learning from each other while dancing and having adventures.

Croatian sea and tantra workshops on a yacht
Various exercises, yoga and meditation at a tantra festival on a yacht

14-21 August French tantra festival – Natural High

This festival in France is adapted only to an intimate circle of people, numbering 65 like-minded participants. It is led by 10 tantra teachers with plenty, more precisely, more than 8 workshops a day. You can choose what attracts you the most: shamanic rituals, medical dance, tantra massages, releasing the pressure of emotions, male and female circles, secrets of sexuality, meditation…

Tantra event dedicated to love
A small number of participants but a large number of tantra workshops at this festival

19-25 August Awaken as Love Stage 1 in Holland

A festival that brings higher levels of consciousness, more love, greater inclusion and reaching greater depths of the soul through various workshops and experiences of tantra and shamanism. The workshops help you to understand the world and your place in it, and to learn to play and enjoy the world in which you exist.

New tantra knowledge at the festival in the Netherlands
Lovers of tantra and shamanism will feel good at the festival in the Netherlands

21-28 August Festival of Sensuality / Czech Republic

A smaller festival in the Czech Republic, which can host 100 people. The reason for the smaller number of participants is to maintain an intimate atmosphere and make it easier to make friends.
Participants may camp or stay in single-sex dormitory rooms. Drugs and alcohol are not available at this festival, the atmosphere of pure consciousness is insisted upon, and the raising of the atmosphere is left to music, nature and mutual companionship.
The festival will be led by several tantra teachers who will lead workshops on topics related to the body, communication and healing, and will be organized outside in nature.

Intimate festival of sensuality in the Czech Republic
Tantra workshops of this festival of sensuality will be organized in nature

September 2022.

28 September – 2 October Creative spirituality – Festival of devotional arts / Spain

In beautiful Barcelona, a five-day tantra festival is organized with 12 renowned teachers, who will conduct workshops in a unique, modern castle located 90 minutes from Barcelona.

The workshops aim to encourage activity and creativity on the journey through the mystery called life.

This is an event that gathers 100 people in the picturesque Catalan countryside, and daily workshops offer personal and collective exploration of creative spirituality.

Tantra workshops of activity and creativity in Spain
A modern castle near Barcelona hosts a tantra festival

October 2022

22-23 October To be confirmed – Tantra festival in Prague / the Czech Republic

This festival is held in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Tantra teachers and participants will have a very dynamic program with lots of workshops, lectures and demonstrations on various tantric topics. There will be plenty of inspiring games and performances during the festival.

Tantra lecturers will demonstrate and share practical methods aimed at discovering the secrets of love, intimacy, harmony, happiness and fulfillment in a relationship between two people.

Discovering the secrets of love during the tantra festival in Prague
Dynamic tantra program for couples at the tantra festival in Prague

17-23 October Tantra festival in Ibiza / Spain

An exceptional festival location, a luxury resort with a private beach, 35 tantra teachers and over 45 workshops. Participants will be able to choose and attend the topics and workshops that appeal to them, and decide what level of intimacy and depth of tantra experience they want.

The possibility of practical lectures of yoga, dance, meditation bliss. Live evening concerts with recognized and well-known performers.

Spain's Ibiza hosts a big tantra festival
Incredible ambience and plenty of tantra events and experiences on the beach of Ibiza

November 2022

18-20 November Desire and Intimacy / The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the town of Helvoirt hosts a festival dedicated to learning how to express and share your deepest feelings and desires. The exercises will touch on different topics and emotions – do you feel angry, frustrated, unnoticed, neglected, and do you keep these feelings to yourself or do you want to learn to express them?
Learn through the workshops how to receive the message of what your partner needs with an open heart and without judgment, because two people in a relationship need to feel accepted as they are in order to stay together.

Unleash your feelings and desires at the tantra festival in Helvoirt
Live more freely by opening up and expressing your feelings at tantra workshops in the Netherlands

18-20 November Stockholm tantra festival / Sweden

The Stockholm Tantra Festival returns with over 50 workshops and more than 45 world-class lecturers. It doesn’t matter if you are advanced or a beginner, there is something for everyone at this festival. There are many workshops on tantra, yoga, meditation and much more. The organizers offer all visitors access to a group for emotional support. Spend an unforgettable 48 hours in Stockholm, meet new people and have fun like never before.

Various tantra workshops are organized in Stockholm
Visit the capital of Sweden and learn everything you ever wanted about tantra

The choice of festivals is large, how to choose the right one?

Listen to your intuition, choose the tantra festival that appeals to you the most, discover which lectures and workshops provide answers to questions that interest you but you had no one to ask.
No matter which tantra event you choose, you will discover yourself, explore your body and spirit. You will dive into the depths of transformation, personal development and evolution.