Nuru massage – All secrets of this seductive technique

Everything you need to know about nuru massage

When you hear the words nuru massage, what is the first thing that comes to mind? A day filled with relaxation and enjoyment? A sensual experience that can lead to spiritual and physical satisfaction? Or you simply wonder, what does nuru massage even mean? Let’s clarify.

We all sometimes need a new experience, something interesting and exciting. Something that will awaken and move our inner being, focus our energy and give us an explosion of pleasure. Nuru massage can bring you all that.

What is Nuru Massage?

Defining nuru massage
Nuru massage – erotic massage technique

Nuru massage is an erotic massage technique that originated in Kawasaki, Japan. Translated from Japanese, the word nuru means slippery. The reason for this is the special gel used in this technique. The gel is colorless and odorless, made from nori algae.

Nuru massage is designed to induce strong tactile reactions, which lead to stress relief. Modern life is hectic, it leads to fatigue and oversaturation. Sometimes it is necessary to switch off and devote time to yourself, to relax your body, mind and spirit.

In such moments, nuru massage is ideal. But what does nura massage techniques really involve?

What does the Nuru technique involve?

The goal of nuru massage is not only to relax the muscles. Nuru techniques are used in combination with other types of massage to reach a level of relaxation that transcends the physical being and becomes a spiritual journey. Nuru technique is combined with:

  1. Swedish massage technique – includes warming up the muscles through soothing movements
  2. Aromatherapy massage – includes the use of essential oils
  3. Classic relaxation massage – involves deep muscle relaxation
  4. Tantric massage – involves massaging the whole body using Eastern techniques
  5. Reflexology – holistic therapy applied through foot massage

This specific combination makes the experience that nuru massage provides unique.

How does Nuru massage differ from other types of massage?

A classic massage focuses on your body, bringing you instant relief. Nuru technique is different. By using this massage technique, there is not only immediate, physical improvement, it goes deeper.

When the nuru massage technique is applied, the client is provided with a treatment that is comprehensive. The masseur guides you through this experience with his touch, breaks down your walls and directs your energy. By channeling energy, a special type of spiritual well-being is achieved.

The Nuru technique is used to relieve stress and improve mood, bringing sexual stimulation and pleasure at the same time, as well as improving general health.

Benefits of Nuru massage

Benefits for your body and spirit thanks to nuru massage
Improvements you will feel thanks to nuru massage

Nuru massage is a unique experience in which the senses are relaxed and then stimulated in a sensual way. This balance creates a special experience that brings well-being to the body and spirit. Some of the benefits of nuru massage are:

  1. Improves circulation
  2. Improves muscle and joint health
  3. Nuru gel leads to hydration of the skin and increases its elasticity
  4. Helps relieve stress
  5. Reduces anxiety
  6. It enhances sexual relations

Through sensual touch, deep breathing and rhythmic movements, an authentic experience is created that will stimulate your spirit and body, leading you to healing.

Everyone can enjoy in Nuru massage

Although nuru massage techniques originated in Japan, they quickly spread throughout the Western world. Excitement, relaxation and pleasure are not reserved for anyone in particular. Each of us can and should afford them. Regardless of your gender and age (if you are of legal age), nuru massage is for you.

Nuru massage is also designed so that its techniques bring benefits to everyone. So why shouldn’t it be you?

We combine the Nura technique with all the massages that we offer. Make an appointment, try one of our massages, release your energy, and let our expert therapists guide you through a unique sensual experience.